Catching Up with the Joy of ds106

It’s been a while since I posted about this semester’s Bob Ross-inspired instantiation of ds106, but, like Luther, I’ve been busy!

Looks like the last weekly video I posted was over a month ago for week 3, so below are the weekly intros from week 4 through week 8 that Paul Bond and I have been producing for the class. I think we have this week off for Fall break, so a good time to catch up. While definitely not high art, I do enjoy doing this 7-8 minute intros weekly. I get to see and breifly comment on student work, produce Paul’s weekly missives, and also play the ornery public access TV produce. That is retirement in a nutshell 🙂

The Joy of ds106: Week 4

The Joy of ds106: Week 5

The Joy of ds106: Week 6

The Joy of ds106: Weeks 7 & 8

I nice element of the last two videos is that with streaming built into Peertube I can simply stream our session from there and an archive lives on at the URL that Paul can then share with the course. It is readily apparent the Paul scripts his stuff and I just parachute in, setup OBS Ninja, and do the recording—but the nice piece is it makes it easy and we can get the whole thing done in 20 minutes tops each week. If you can’t make art, at least make it easy, dammit 🙂

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