Reclaim Arcade: Cap Kit for a K4900

Last week Tim and I did some Reclaim Arcade repairs, this time replacing the capacitors (often referred to as a cap kit) for the monitor chassis of a Wells Gardner K4900. I wanted to see Tim do a full cap kit given I’m going to do a G07 cap kit here soon. I am particularly attuned to some of his tricks, like reading negative/positive for capacitors, marking all replaced capacitors with a blue Sharpee, reading fully through instructions in cap kit before hand, etc.

I’m also pretty happy with this recording. We had some connection issues in the back office using Reclaim Arcade’s internet in previous videos, so for this one Tim ran the connection off the phone. It was solid, and we also decided to use for the camera on the workbench so any connection issues with the robot would not effect the work camera capturing the majority of the action and audio. The Robot was for establishing shot and for Tim and I chatting “face-to-face.”

One note on the recording of this video is that it was streamed using the live stream feature of Peertube through Which means it also captured everything and immediately publishes it once the stream ends for posterity, which is really nice.

We did not have the ability to test the chassis during this video because of time constraints. Although we did capture the test of this cap kit in the above video. Turns out the chassis was still not working given there was video collapse, and as we discovered during the cap kit the chassis was literally cracked at a key spot, and is probably destined for parting out for our other K4900 chassis. While a bit of a bummer, every project is crucial for learning how to repair these old games given it is an ongoing labor of love.

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