The Joy of ds106: Week 3

Paul and I continue to churn out the cheesy Joy of ds106 weekly videos, and I have to say they’re a blast. No only do they take very little time and exude an air of sub-par quality, but they’re also fun as hell to record. Today was the first time we did a second take because I botched the first one so bad, and I think the whole process takes 7-8 minutes with zero editing. Once we’re done I upload it to for Paul to download and do what it is he does.

We are starting to include more media and I still have to figure out a fun intro that is almost like a 1970s/1980s sitcom opening, think Three’s Company:

Anyway, my avocation as an ornery TV producer is becoming a reality! Who knows, I may even be the over worked manager of a public access, web-based TV station one of these days, a bava can dream!

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