Charlie’s Angels: The Short Case

logo3Truecrimers Sara Akbari, Meredith Fiero, Gloriana Smith, and Jack Harris did an excellent job on their second video assignment. Back in week 10 they did an excellent presentation on Jack Webb’s telling of one of the great unsolved cases of the 20th century in the U.S.: the Black Dahlia. In a stroke of genius on the part of this group, they set Charlie’s Angels loose on the ostensibly unsolvable case of Elizabeth Short. Will they break it wide open? Will the Black Dahlia finally be put to rest? Well, if the Angels, faithly supported by Bosley, can’t solve this one—who can?

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  1. Alan Levine says:

    Those Angels deserve an A! That case was impossible.

    You gotta be proud of their production, loved all the angel pantomiming . They totally hit the camp feeling of such an important part of my cultural shaping (as a teen I had THE Farah Fawcett poster in my room).

    Fun detail goof- when the run down the hall returning from the evidence room I don’t think they had the purse…

    Brilliant! Remember that A!

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