Claudia Emerson on the “poetics of preservation”

We had our first DTLT Today episode (#33!) that actually featured a UMW faculty, and we were fortunate to get none other than Claudia Emerson, who is not only an amazing poet, but also as cool as they come. She sat down on and talked with us today about everything from her recent Guggenheim fellowship award to her forthcoming book Secure the Shadow (LSU Press), as well as a book she is just beginning. Later this academic year Claudia will be traveling to Italy to convene with the well preserved dead in Sicily as you prepares her next book that is focused on the poetics of preservation. Claudia is without question on of the most amazing people I have met since coming to UMW, and listening to her share her unique way of seeing the world is truly a pleasure. And I think all of us at DTLT she this as just the beginning of huge archives of discussions with the professors and students that make UMW an awesome place to be.

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