Killer Shark Class

I am not sure if Sam O’Brien is trying to be funny or ironic (I forgot the difference) with his piece “A Professor’s opening lecture for ‘Intermediate Killer Shark Genre'” in McSweeney’s because in mind that is exactly how courses should be taught at the college level. No question: killer sharks, f-bombs, and threats of bodily harm….it is the one true way at knowledge transfer. Here’s a taste:

So you all think you know a thing or two about killer shark films, hmm? Well, take out your notebooks because here’s your first lesson: you fucking don’t know shit about killer shark films. Write that down three times. Then circle it and draw some jagged teeth protruding from the top and bottom so it looks like a shark is eating your notes. That is the format all of your essays should be in, by the way, with little teeth and dorsal fins all over the place. I don’t care if Word doesn’t have a shark font. Make it happen. [Read the rest here.]

Brilliant, thank you Tom Woodward for passing it on, it fits perfectly on the bava.

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