Death of Hollywood: the re-installment plan

Hollywood continues down the road of cannibalizing its own archive, this time with a brand new Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine —both due out in early 2009. I won’t lie, I desperately want to see both films. Knowing full well that they’ll most likely be terrible, and I’ll be further disgruntled, and have more ammunition for my ongoing attack of the moribund industry that is tinsel town. Yet, the re-emergence of early 80s slasher films for our horrific moment is an interesting fact in and of itself that might be worth thinking through in great detail. Until then, here are the new movie posters and trailers, enjoy!

Image of Friday the 13th movie poster

Image of My Bloody Valentine remake movie poster

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3 Responses to Death of Hollywood: the re-installment plan

  1. Brad says:

    My Bloody Valentine…3D.
    I don’t even have some sort of response for the very idea behind that. It’s gruesomely terrible, AND YET I am interested beyond my own good intentions. My Bloody Valentine…3D??
    3D. That’s really disgusting, & I love it.

  2. Reverend says:


    I whole heartedly agree, it has its terrible beauty. We should see these two together, what do you say? It will push me to watch them in the theater.

  3. Brad says:

    Yessir, I’m game! Valentine really has got to be seen in theatre, with the 3D aspect, of course. But before then, I still need to see the original!

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