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It’s Father’s Day, and I want my cake!

In Italy Father’s Day is recognized on St.Joseph’s saint day, which is today. And I have to say given Joseph’s role in Jesus’s birth, there’s a strange subtext to the day here 🙂 Anyway, I spend much of both the … Continue reading

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The Evil Eye

As Paul Bond already noted, there was a reprisal of the Bavafest last week. We got to talk about the maestro of b-movies, Mario Bava, with Antonio Vantaggiato’s class on Cine y Cultura Italiana at Sagrado. Short version of this post: it … Continue reading

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Seconds (1966)

I’ve been trying to get back into the very healthy habit of watching as many films as I possibly can. I have watched a ton of Italian crime films from the 1970s, a genre known as poliziottesco, and I’ll have … Continue reading

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“Il mattino ha l’ oro in bocca”

One of the things I have been looking forward to greatly this summer was finally watching The Shining with my oldest son. He’s already a bit of a horror fan junky, but I’ve begged him to hold off on this … Continue reading

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Completely Unreliable Assholes

I don’t know why, but I love that someone took the time to isolate this 3 second clip of Scatman Crothers speaking truth to power in The Shining. And if you’re not into the whole brevity thing and you feel … Continue reading

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Reclaim Video’s The Weekly Watch 001

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt6k49mF6CY/ I got bak into town late Thursday, and rolled into Reclaim Video after a morning of meetings to find the great Xander watching Alice in Wonderland on laserdisc. I appreciate how seriously he takes his job, and he only … Continue reading

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When I was in London at the end of April I had the good fortune of stumbling into a showing of Ken Loach‘s second feature film, Kes (1969), at the British Film Institute (BFI). It’s my second time at the … Continue reading

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Lina Wermuller’s All Screwed Up

Antonella and I watch a lot of movies. We try and watch one every night, although that doesn’t always work out, we tend to get five or six in a week, sometimes more. This week we have been exploring the … Continue reading

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Hannah Arendt

While I am writing about movies I haven’t been able to stop thinking about, I recommend Margarethe von Trotta’s 2012 film Hannah Arendt—you can find it on Netflix in the U.S. at the moment. The film centers around Hannah Arendt’s coverage … Continue reading

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Former Ventura County Sheriff Claude Mulvihill

I read Robert Towne’s script and watched Roman Polanski’s classic neo-noir Chinatown (1974) this week for noir106. This class is becoming an excuse for all kinds of fun things. We’re focusing on writing out of the gate this time around, and Paul Bond … Continue reading

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