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Jesus Eyes

I procrastinated tonight with an animated GIF, and you know what….it felt good! Now, the bigger question—does anyone have any idea what film this is from?

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Child Bride (1938)

So, I recently got the latest issue of Filmfax (my favorite magazine in the world) and it was a good one. As soon as a I got it I was heading directly for the article on Peter Hyams’s NASA conspiracy … Continue reading

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Public Demonstration of Affection Will Not be Tolerated Here

Playing around with the Drive-In Movie Ads at Internet Archive, oh what a joy. Via “What’s New at the Internet Archive.“

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After Hours – “Surrender Dorothy” and “Oh wow!”

I watched Martin Scorsese’s After Hours(1985) this evening, and I really do love this film. And while many might consider it a minor Scorsese film, for me it is one of his best. Right up there with Taxi Driver (1976), … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time in the West – Opening Scene

The opening scene from Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) may very well be the greatest opening scene of any film ever. And I mean ever, I can’t even think of anything remotely close, save maybe … Continue reading

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Scene from Jaws: the USS Indianapolis

Think for a second about soliloquies in film, and then find me one that surpasses Quint’s narration of the shark infested horror of the USS Indianapolis from Jaws, you’ll be hard pressed. Jaws is a work of art of the … Continue reading

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The end of movies reconsidered

I had previously written about the end of film in regards to the Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men, but after reading John Kenneth Muir’s brilliant “The Five Most Ludicrous Musical Numbers in Movie History” I now know I … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Zombies

Check out this clip from Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave (1982), between the terrible dubbing, ridiculous effects, and zombies vs. Dracula “action,” it is simply impossible not to love it: Thanks to the great

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Dreaming in 3-D

I’m getting deeper and deeper into this issue of Filmfax, and I have to say it’s a gem. I just finished the first installment of Vincent Di Fate’s “3-D Cinema: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” which gave a nice overview of … Continue reading

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The Crazies Come Out at Night

Every time I head into Manhattan—whether via train, tunnel, or glider—I can’t help but think that I am entering the the Manhattan Island penitentiary imagined so famously in John Carpenter’s masterpiece Escape from New York (1981). And as soon as … Continue reading

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