DMLL EXPO 2016: the Videos

I edited my original post with the link to the YouTube video to my presentation for the DMLL EXPO 2016 two months ago. I was particularly excited to hear that YouTube had flagged the video for copyright violation.

There’s a history there. But it turns out Sarah K. Andrews is far more effective negotiator with YouTube around copyright than me because the video is alive and well on the DMLL’s YouTube account.

You gotta love that! And today I was pleasantly surprised to see the folks at DMLL Expo had tweeted out a link to a short 5 minute video of me talking about Reclaim, Domains, EDUPUNK, my talk, etc.

There’s also a video of Brian Lamb immediately after an intensive therapy session with yours truly, and it seems to have had a positive effect 🙂

Update: Quick point of clarification, I credit Grant Potter with the SPLOTs in the above video interview, but the name and idea was the brainchild of Alan Levine and Brian Lamb at TRU last year. I tend to conflate this with the work Brian Lamb and Grant Potter (as well as Clint Lalonde and Tannis Morgan—and others I am sure) have been doing with the BC Open Educational Technology Collaborative, part of which is exploring stuff like Sandstorm and Docker to build capacity for the SPLOT experiments amongst other things. Fact is, there is so much cool stuff going on there it is worth a post and some clarification on my part because I’m not only bombastic, but I’m also sloppy—a brilliant mix.

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