Reclaim Father’s Day

2016-06-19 14.07.29

Today was a great Father’s Day:

  • Woke up to homemade waffles;
  • played Frogger on the Commodore 128 after breakfast;
  • went to Burger King for lunch with family;
  • went to Obi (Italy’s take on Home Depot) for a surge protector;
  • got ice cream and Tessy paid for mine;
  • came home to play more on the C128, this time with Tommy
  • blogged about the Commodore 128;
  • had Anto’s brother and girlfriend over for dinner, which was homemade Chinese stir fry
  • Ate an awesome cake Tessy made for Father’s Day—she is becoming a really awesome cook;
  • Watched France and Switzerland play a very boring game of soccer with Miles;
  • began writing this post

That’s about as American a Sunday as you can have in Italy. Everyone else was having picnics in the mountains….high altitude hippies.  Near perfect day in my mind. Father’s day isn’t really a thing here in Italy, which is refreshing because the trumped up holiday fanfare can overshadow some of the simple joys. That said, it was really awesome to get cards from Tessy and Miles this afternoon celebrating the occasion. They put together a couple of DIY creations, and I love them.

Tessy’s card is a two-sided elaborate collage of animal stickers, it is really quite impressive.

2016-06-20 00.45.24

2016-06-20 00.45.31

And inside the card a message delivered via a computer design, complete with screen and keyboard. So awesome, and I am glad she is getting the message about money and sees me as a kind of E.T./heart light kinda dad 🙂

2016-06-20 00.45.52

Whereas Miles has taken the Reclaim branding to a new level. The yellow writing in the four quadrants of this card read as follows “Jim Groom the Reclaimer.”

2016-06-20 00.44.01

Also, it seems my 80s music influence is starting to payoff. He re-wrote (or shall we say reclaimed) the Eurhythmics “Sweet Dreams” lyrics very much to my liking:2016-06-20 00.43.32

Sweet dreams are made of these
and who am I to disagree travele
the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking to reclaim

Some of them want to reclaim you
Some of them want to get reclaimed by you
Some of them want to host you
Some of them want to be hosted by you

Hold your head up, keep your head up, reclaim along.

I think my marketing is working quite well at home. Yeah, pretty much a perfect Father’s day except for Tommaso—that little bastard—he didn’t give me anything 🙂

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