Does life imitate the movies?

Absolutely, this random clip from Death Wish (1974) I stumbled upon on YouTube is entirely interchangeable with my memory of the infamous NYC subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz. The momentum to clean-up the city had been building steadily in films in and about the Big Apple throughout the 70s and early 80s, and in many ways culminated in a media-charade John Wayne moment that provided a means to publicly mobilize the shiny, happy city we see today. I love you Charlie, but you’re killing me.

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  1. And Bernie ran for mayor later, too. I believe he was trying to succeed Giuliani, who seemed to be a big fan of these pictures. Not to imply that Giuliani is/was a revenge fanatic, but he sure had a mania for cleaning up the city. Well, cleaning up certain parts and in a certain way.

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