The un-education of a technologist

Brian Lamb graciously let me tag along for a publication he was asked to do for the Spanish journal Revista de Universidad y Sociedad del Conocimiento (RUSC), and without hesitation I jumped aboard. I may have ultimately been more hindrance than help, but I was pretty impressed that the folks at RUSC published our work because it’s quite possibly the most un-article article I have read. In fact, it’s quite literally a series of loosely-joined blog posts that point to examples of work being done that’s innovative, cheap, and pretty damn impressive. Ranging from Stephen Downes and George Siemens Connectivism course to Jon Beasley-Murray’s Murder, Madness, Mayhem to the apple of my eye UMW Blogs (you know who wrote that section). My personal favorite section is Brian’s introduction, it’s Lamb at his most painfully insightful, melancholic, and chaotic—all the while never letting go of the visionary possibilities that undergird hope.

What was cool was that it was translated into Spanish, so that my first EdTech “journal article” (and quite possibly my last) is actually not officially published in English. So, while I may have my issues at home, don’t think for a second I’m not big in Europe! The coolest thing about the article for me is that it was able to feature work from my favorite people like Serena Epstein’s brilliantly framed domain of her own and Brad Efford’s Internment Rap. That’s what it is all about. Research be damned, I want to talk about people.

For those of you, like me, who can’t read Spanish all that well, here’s the working site we used to create the article. I organized it in the same way as the journal, the only real difference is that all the links in the article posts are basically end notes in the journal, oh yeah, and the blog site has the added benefit of embedded media and online linkage. I also threw in some bonus posts on the English version, like the Guerilla EdTech and Cloning Innovation. Kinda like the special features on the Criterion Edition of your favorite film.

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  1. Andy Rush says:

    . . . or perhaps mui bueno . . . anyway great job everyone!!!

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