ds106 live broadcast 7-14-11: Andy Rush on Video

In today’s live broadcast Andy Rush provides in-depth look at the tools of the trade for video. With an examination of codecs, compression, video editors, DVD ripping tools, and other strange transformative tools. If you are in need of an overview of web video resources to get started on your project, think of this as a must see. What’s more, the corresponding resource page wherein you can find links to the various resources discussed in this video can be found here: http://video.umwblogs.org

Also, during today’s session the live chat gave forth some excellent options for free, trial video editors for the PC. Both Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere have free trial downloads. Additionally, if you are using Linux OpenShot may be a good option for you.

You should all have the video assignments by now, and keep in mind both videos are due by Tuesday, June 19th.

Next Monday’s live broadcast will be looking over video examples from the class thus far, talking mashups, fan fiction, as well beginning the course wrap up. Tuesday will be our final live broadcast in which the course narrative will hopefully come to a head. Wednesday is a reading day. Thursday will be the final exam period for which there will be an assignment to be named shortly.

One last thing, Tim Owens discovered this video by Ze Frank in 2006 that speaks volumes to what ds106 is all about. It is about the UGLY!

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