DTLT Today Episode 111: Jon Pineda’s Open Doors

This episode of DTLT Today features UMW Creative Writing professor Jon Pineda. It’s Jon’s first year at UMW, but that didn’t stop him from jumping into the Domain of One’s Own fray with both feet. He’s been experimenting with domains in the classes he teaches, and as well as a space to imagine various creative projects as part of his own work. He’s even bringing the literary journal Font: Poetry he created for high school students in Chesapeake, Virginia into the virtual world as a part of his work with the Domain of One’s Own faculty initiative.

So, when Jon and I sat down this afternoon to talk I imagined we would spend most of out time talking about these various projects, but in the end we didn’t. We talked about his work. We talked about his memoir Sleep In Me—which sounds devastatingly brilliant. We talked about skateboarding. We talked about Michelangelo as bad teacher. We talked about demystifying the process of writing. We talked about the wonder of memory. We talked about  the power of open. In fact, we talked about a whole lotta things, and it was one of the most rewarding conversations I’ve yet to have as part of this series.

If you have 48 minutes, or even just four or five, take the time and listen to a truly engaging and compassionate storyteller frame the wonder he finds through the open doors of his imagination.

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