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I just found a great Coca-Cola commerical parodying Grand Theft Auto on digg. The commerical is hosted on google videos, so I went searching for a solution to embed it in a post of a WordPress blog I recently setup for Dr. Carole Ann Creque’s Marketing 310 class (they are currently discussing the advertising history of Coca-Cola). Talk about an awesome example of viral advertising and blogs!

You may remember I posted a little while back on ExtremVideo 2.0 for WordPress as an all-in-one solution for WordPress videos, turns out that it has some issues with google videos. Giving up on ExtremeVideo for the moment, I tried including the embed link provided by google vide os in a WordPress blog post to no avail. After a quick search I found a plugin at Viper007Bond that made the whole process very, very easy (it also handles youtube videos, windows media videos, quicktime movies, avi, mpeg and ifilms).

Posting Google Videos

Caption: The three wmv icons are for avi, mpeg, and wmv files, respectively!

If you are just looking for the code to include a google video in your post without a quicklink button just follow the format below, which works for youtube or google videos. Just put the video’s docid for the youtube or google video between opening and closing square brackets that have the term googlevideo or youtube (depending on which service you use) as illustrated below. Note that you will still need the plugin for this option:

Google video code

The docid can be found at the end of the google videos url …


The same holds true for YouTube, difference being it is letters not numbers:


Now for some fun …


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2 Responses to Embedding Google Videos in WordPress

  1. Mehype says:

    Thanks for the very well detailed procedures for embedding videos..I am not particular with this, but the thing is, it would teach the users, like me, which are new with these thing..

  2. Vanita says:

    It seems that the google videos can no longer be embedded into wordpress? The video seems to be uploaded using the embed code, however, I cant playback the video.

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