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While text encoding is proving hellacious for me with WPMu, embedding iframes has never been easier (keep in mind there are risks involved, so think before you drink!). I found a pretty cool plugin for WPMu (there is also one for a single WP install, so don’t get confused), Google Maps Quicktag, that is specifically designed for embedding a Google Maps iframe into WPMu. But, as it happens, it works with just about any iframe making it not so Google Maps centric. For example, the bava is now running this plugin and the ability to embed Flickr photosets is once again a possibility.

I blogged this feature over at UMW Blogs here, but I’ll reproduce that post below to give you a quick how-to featuring my favorite photo set on Flickr (with thanks to Chris Lott for the link).

Did you know you can embed a Flickr Slideshow on your UMW Blog? Below is an example, along with a quick how-to:

It’s a three step process assuming you already have a set on Flickr you want to embed:

1) Copy the full URL of the photo set on Flickr and then paste it into the flickrSLiDR application found here. After that, click on the create SlideShow button and copy the code generated (which will be an iframe).

2) Then go to your UMW Blog and activate the Google Maps plugin which will allow embedding iframes on your blog.

3) Finally, create a new post, and paste the code generated by flickrSLiDR into the Code tab of the text editor (not the Visual tab) and your slideshow should appear magically 😉

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2 Responses to Embedding iFrames on WPMu

  1. Chris L says:

    That’s quite cool– it never would have dawned on me to try to embed some other kind of iFrame content with that plugin! Viva la WP!

  2. Johan says:

    Hi I am using the photodropper plugin to search and add Flickr photos on my blog but I have a problem as these photos slow my blog down because of size.

    And I lazy and don’t want to shrink them before use. This tool may (might?) be a way of adding photos without slowing my blog.

    But then again Google Maps is one of the contributors to a slower loading blog.



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