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EdTech Survivalist: Episode 2

“Embedded!” In this episode the EdTech Survivalist tries to help a war buddy unembed himself from the web. But first he has to help him navigate a long, abusive history of being at the mercy of centralized IT, a reality … Continue reading

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YouTube experimenting with copyright?

After uploading the final speech from First Blood to YouTube, I was immediately delivered a copyright notice from Google and Lionsgate. Here is what it looks like: Click for larger version you can view in its entirety. To quote: Lionsgate … Continue reading

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Embedding iFrames on WPMu

While text encoding is proving hellacious for me with WPMu, embedding iframes has never been easier (keep in mind there are risks involved, so think before you drink!). I found a pretty cool plugin for WPMu (there is also one … Continue reading

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