Felix the Cat – a socialist?

Felix the Cat Who knew Felix the cat was such a pinko? Here he is doling out money to the poor of the depression-era (a majority of whom would make up the the audience in a theatre for this short) with his gold brickin’ goose – this is yet another fascinating cartoon in this Vintage Tooncast series – I have included the cartoon below for your perusal. More on this soon, but I did want to get it up for your consideration and comment …


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12 Responses to Felix the Cat – a socialist?

  1. jimgroom says:

    Looks like the comment part didn’t work out so well. I guess socialism and felix the cat don’t have the “currency” they had in the gold ol’ days. (Oh, I kill myself!)

  2. Sharif says:

    I’ll agree to your point. For in the time of this publication there was a whole lot of poverty across America and seeing Felix being so generous was a thing that the poor people wish would happen. Being that the people in this time era was the people going out to watch these shorts, it struck their intrests. So yes, I will agree that Felix the cat could have been a socialist.

  3. jimgroom says:

    Thanks for the comment. It is interesting how much a short animated cartoon can tell you about a particular time period. So often the wealth and extravagence of Hollywood in the thirties -during the depression- has been attributed to an escape. But here is a short concerned with an alternative -pretty cool!

  4. Big Dog says:

    This is a very inaccurate view about socialism. Not only does felix manage to light the cannons with his tail, but the immense amount of wealth caused by the production of gold would cause inflation and would not result in a better social economy.

  5. Leif says:

    I’m happy to know one of my favorite old cartoon characters has great political messages behind it.
    Industry should benefit the whole of the people, even if it is private.
    Workers of the world unite.

  6. lark says:

    Dont see what its got to do with socialism, at best its got something to do with poor relief and some crooks who want to make off with the wealth instead of sharing. Simple moral message, nothing to do with socialism at all.

  7. Randy says:

    Funny, isn’t it that the idea of someone helping others in need is immediately identified as “pinko” or socialist? These days even having a social conscience opens one up to charges of being a “leftist.” Well, in a country that is functioning basically in line with economic Fascism (such as Mussolini’s “Corporate State” I guess that is to be expected. It is too bad that we don’t seem to be able to come up with something in between?

    • RivalMindss says:

      Came across some Felix anti capitalist memes and went down a rabbit hole on the internet and found this discussion. This person may no long be with us, but I thought of how they may see the world now and how more youth seem to be turning leftist and more inclined to accept socialist ideas.

  8. Reverend says:

    Amen, Randy, amen.

  9. Marshstate says:

    As a kid, I loved Felix, and hidden agendas did not get my attention.

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