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The Sisyphean Labor of Link Love

I woke up this morning to a Twitter exchange between Alan Levine and Ken Bauer about creating a plugin that points dead links on a blog to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine: I might need a WordPress plugin than converts … Continue reading

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Reclaim Hosting Turns 3

Earlier today I was talking with my partner in crime Tim Owens about the fact that Reclaim Hosting turns 3 years old this week. I was under the impression it was July 28th for some reason, but turns out it … Continue reading

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Digital Dioramas

On Wednesday I was able to tune into the Decentralized Web Summit for a couple of hours thanks to the live stream. The event was hosted in the web’s chapel or, the Internet Archive. The video stream has all been archived, and … Continue reading

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This Week in ds106: Archiving and the Digital

Last night I went on roughly an hour and fifteen minute rant during this #ds106 session about archiving and the digital. It was all over the place, covering everything from Wikipedia to Tupac to the Numa Numa Guy to Star … Continue reading

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Child Bride (1938)

So, I recently got the latest issue of Filmfax (my favorite magazine in the world) and it was a good one. As soon as a I got it I was heading directly for the article on Peter Hyams’s NASA conspiracy … Continue reading

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Public Demonstration of Affection Will Not be Tolerated Here

Playing around with the Drive-In Movie Ads at Internet Archive, oh what a joy. Via “What’s New at the Internet Archive.“

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Web 2.0, Imperialism, and Nation Building

I couldn’t help but pause over a recent headline I came across in my RSS reader, and while I can’t find the original post I scanned yesterday, a quick search brought this one up first from startuparabia, “Google, AT&T, Automattic … Continue reading

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Zombie Labor

It may come as no surprise that I am fascinated by the privileged position zombies have come to occupy in our cultural imagination recently. And while this surge may be related to our penchant for endless war as this article … Continue reading

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We Edit Life

The other day I came across a video by People like Us (a.k.a. Vicki Bennett) on Ubuweb, specifically the collage video she put together from found footage at the Prelinger Archive called Remote Controller (2003). It comes highly recommended, and … Continue reading

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Kienholz on Exhibit

Once again the Internet Archive delivers the goods. Check out this amazing documentary by June Steel about Edward Kienholz’s retrospective exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in 1966. I first discovered Kienholz thirty years later in … Continue reading

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