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DTLT Today Episode 110: Sue Fernsebner’s Digital History

In this episode of DTLT Today, Ryan Brazell and I sit down with History professor Sue Fernsebner to talk about the vast array of awesome projects she’s been working on over the last year. The work we discuss includes, but is … Continue reading

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On Uncertain Terms

This morning Jon Udell tweeted a quote from this post by Doc Searls: Branding is jumping the shark now because the Net favors reality over bullshit. And it’s inline with a lot of how I’ve been thinking about the idea … Continue reading

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THATCamp: Kickback and Conversate

Image credit: GHBrett’s “THATcamp” I’m just unwinding from a full day at THATCamp 09 hosted by GMU’s CHNM, and I truly find it odd how much I have been mentally gushing about this event.  In fact, it’s really not my … Continue reading

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Jeff McClurken’s Digital History course featured in EDUCAUSE Review

In the most recent issue of EDUCAUSE Review, Jeff McCLurken’s Digital History course has been featured as an example of “Developing 21st-Century Literacies among Students and Faculty.” The course is an excellent example of framing an experience wherein the students … Continue reading

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Marking Digital History at UMW

Jeff McClurken’s Adventure’s in Digital History seminar is (or is it “was” now?) a pretty amazing thing. The driving logic of the course was that four distinct projects, each dealing with a unique facet of local history, were be framed … Continue reading

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Book Autopsies

Brian Dettmer’s Book Autopsies featured on the Centripetal Notion blog is well worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. Found via Carole Garmon’s UMW Blogs post for her Video Art class here. Go UMW Blogs go!

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Pirates in our midsts

Title Page of The Vial Poured Out Upon the Sea, from Daniel E. Williams’s Pillars of Salt: An Anthology of Early American Criminal Narratives. The topics of pirates and piracy has been on my mind a lot as of late. … Continue reading

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Knowledge, Categories, Tags, and Crime

Well, I have been furiously putting together my syllabus for the class on Early American Crime Narratives I’ll be teaching this first Summer session, which starts tomorrow! The class will be tracing a series of narratives from the colonial period … Continue reading

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Thinking History Digitally

Tomorrow a few of DTLT’s finest are going to meet with some folks from the History and Historical Preservation departments to talk about the technological possibilities for the emerging Center for Digital History at UMW (nothing official yet!). This is … Continue reading

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Felix the Cat – a socialist?

Who knew Felix the cat was such a pinko? Here he is doling out money to the poor of the depression-era (a majority of whom would make up the the audience in a theatre for this short) with his gold … Continue reading

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