Form of Awesome: Wonder Twins Conundrum

In this installment of “Form of Awesome” Wonder Twins are cornered by evil Crypto Bros in a dark alley. The Crypto Bros are trying to sell them NFTs and will not take no for an answer. Zan and Jayna need to transform to battle these evil doers! What forms should they take and how will those forms help them defeat these crypto creeps?

Intrigued? Click on this link to take the Form of Awesome and battle the Tech Bros.

Looking for some inspiration? After you submit your entry you’ll be able to see a list of solutions other super friends have submitted. Turns out the more fun the solution, the more damage is done to the Tech Bros.

 File this under more things you can learn to do with Gravity Forms at next month’s Form of Awesome Flex Course created by Tom Woodward. If you’re interested, sign-up here to activate your Wonder Twins power!

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