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Ambient Participation, Reclaim Radio, and Breaking on Through #4life

It’s been more than a decade since Grant Potter introduced me to the wonderful world of self-hosted web radio, yet another lasting legacy of that heady ds106 trip. During the pandemic the radio presented an occasion to return to micro-communities. … Continue reading

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Form of Awesome: Wonder Twins Conundrum

In this installment of “Form of Awesome” Wonder Twins are cornered by evil Crypto Bros in a dark alley. The Crypto Bros are trying to sell them NFTs and will not take no for an answer. Zan and Jayna need … Continue reading

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Form of an Awesome Superfriends Trivia Quiz

In preparation of Reclaim Edtech‘s first Flex Course on Gravity Forms next month, the great Tom Woodward has created a fun Superfriends Triva Quiz using, you guessed it, Gravity Forms 🙂 You can take the quiz by clicking the image … Continue reading

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Adding Ghost Config Variables in Reclaim Cloud

Tim Clarke is helping a faculty member get Ghost up and running on Reclaim Cloud, and has used Reclaim’s EdTech Discord channel to ask for clarification around Mailgun settings and environmental variables. Both of which I did not document fully … Continue reading

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Introducing Instructional Technology at Reclaim Hosting

It’s happening! I’ve alluded to the idea that Reclaim Hosting is exploring edtech a couple of months ago, and yesterday we officially announced the launch of our instructional technology offering. Lauren Hanks provides an excellent overview in the following video, … Continue reading

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