From Non-Programistan to Feedistan

Image of RSS Feed IconI have to echo Cog Dog’s sentiment and hail Tony Hirst’s Feedistan. It is beautifully riffing on the theme of Non-Programistan, a crazy concept presentation Tom and I dreamed up. I have a feeling the fearless leaders of this beautiful republic will be responding to Feedistan in the near future in their usual grand and over-the-top style.

Image of Non-Programistan

In the meantime, I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone at the New Media Consortium (particularly Larry, Alan, and Rachel) for putting on a great mashed-up symposium, despite the Chernobyl-like fallout from this presentation. The fact that they considered (no less allowed) us to push the limits of presentation etiquette to such a degree –I think the best part of the presentation may be Alan’s over-the-top introduction—testifies to just how far they will stretch the definition of innovation and creativity. They have made the presentation available here, against all common sense, propriety, and love for all things holy! —just remember that you have been warned. I’m sure our accents and the technical difficulties pissed off more than a few participants, yet in the end I think this presentation is the beginning of something new and exciting, at least for me.

And while it can’t compare with the truly artistic work of Brian’s mind-blowingly wonderful “Confessions of a Mashup Un-Artist,” (or even Tony’s Feedistan response for that matter) the “b” nature of Non-Programistan is very appealing to me and may call for many, many more experiments along these lines. And while I don’t expect organizations like NMC to make their constituency suffer through such antics a second time, I do hope we can find another venue for such truly un-artistic expressions of EdTech, say perhaps a WPMu installation 🙂

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