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Partying Like it’s 2009

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to try and get my digital house in order. I’ve been catching up on uploading and organizing photos on Flickr and I’ve been blogging like its my job. That feels good, but … Continue reading

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Shark Bites, Plumbing, and Syndication

I’ve been renovating my bathroom over the last month, and last weekend I finished replacing the shower valve. This is fairly minor work for anyone with some experience, but given I have none it was full blown plumbing for me. … Continue reading

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Feeding Reddit

Following up on my last post, I actually was able to syndicate all the Reddit threads I have upvoted into a subsite of bavatuesdays: reddit.bavatuedays.com. I haven’t upvoted any comments just yet, so we’ll see if they come along as … Continue reading

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TIny Tiny RSS

It’s taken me more than six months to resurrect my RSS reader (pathetic, I know), but I’ve finally imported my forlorn collection of feeds into the open source application Tiny Tiny RSS. I went with this application based on a recommendation … Continue reading

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Decentering Syndication or, a Push Away from RSS

Yesterday Steve Covello tweeted a post at wpmu.org my way. @jimgroom New WPMU hub/spoke architecture: http://t.co/x0RLL0qBPr — Steve Covello (@apescience) September 17, 2013 I was prepared  to read about a premium suite of plugins that I could buy for the … Continue reading

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Syndicated Personal Portfolios: The Case of Stephen J. Farnsworth

I’ve still yet to write a manifesto about how awesome the Domain of One’s Own faculty initiative was in some many ways, but the problem is there’s far more than a mouthful of awesome. So, I am trying to deal … Continue reading

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Syndicate This: a Practical Dream Vision of Syndication for UMW’s Website

I’ve written extensively about the importance of syndication to framing a community for a long time on this blog. In fact, recently I’ve even shied away from writing about it because I feel I’ve beaten that horse to death. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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Paris is Burning through Syndication

Have I ever mentioned how awesome #UMW‘s Study Abroad blog aggregator is? More than 200 posts since June. #4Life — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) July 20, 2013 When I tweeted out how awesome UMW’s Study Abroad aggregator blog is a few … Continue reading

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Nothing is lost

Anil Dash has quite an remarkable post titled the “Web We Lost” (thans for the heads up Tim). I really like the bit below because it gets right at the heart of the Domain of One’s Own pilot we are running at … Continue reading

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Open Architecture: Our Course Could be Your Life

With the recently peaked interest in open online learning, the conversation seems to have moved immediately towards the shock and awe of scaling an architecture for 30 thousand to 1 million students. I signed up for a Coursera course more … Continue reading

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