I’ve been pretty deep into my tumblr for the last six to eight months, and I’m having a blast with it. I  love the experience of browsing and sharing stuff on Tumblr, and I’m finding it’s a space to find a lot of amazing stuff around film, GIFs, and all kinds of developments in visual/design culture. It took me a long while to get used to the Tumblr culture, but I’m officially hooked. I still don’t see it as a blog per se, and I am taking my precautions by backing up all my posts and saving them on the bava.


While thinking about the bavatuesdays Mario Bava film festival I’ll be running in two shorts weeks—and after discovering the fuckyeahrochardmatheson tumblr— I setup a fuckyeahmariobava tumblr (the fuckyeah phenomenon on Tumblr is basically a space to set up an altar to something or someone you worship). My idea is to use this space to search and reblog Mario Bava stuff from around the web (there is a ton of stuff on Tumblr alone), and open it up for anyone playing along with the Mario Bava festival (and beyond) to submit their GIFs, scene analyses, etc. quickly on the fuckyeahmariobava tumblr. What’s more, it’ll also aggregate into the bavatuesdays Mario Bava Festival aggregator hub I create at some point soon for anyone who wants to blog their stuff.  I guess the appeal of a Tumblr for me in this instance is the focus on an analysis of the films through visual tools like scene breakdowns, animated gifs, gif sequences, etc. I figure its just another way at it, and what’s more, it’s a fun way at all this.

Kill, Baby Kill


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  1. Alan Levine says:

    Fyeah those creepy girls, makes Talking Tina look like a baby toy.

    I’m intrigued by the idea since listening last year to Martha’s students talk about their tumblr culture stories. It kind of acts like a fiant bucket to funnel a passion.

    In my visits the past 3 weeks to middle schools in Singapore, Hong Kong, Singapore I’ve heard many of them talk about it as their go to place to share in their interest channels, not blasting themselves wide to the world ala Facebook. It’s almost like their interests take a priority over the self promotion. I like that they are kicking back on the Facebook ship.

  2. Reverend says:

    What is interesting about Tumblr is it really is like a visual reader without the inbox mentality of most RSS programs. The user experience is powerful, and you decide what you see, and create intimate relationships intellectually with those who post, like blog reading you really get to know them. What’s even cooler is the line between who created what totally blurs in interesting ways. Cole and BradK got me into it, and Brad noted that one;s Tumblr very much needs to be judged as a whole, rather than individual posts, which really gets to the idea of fragmented identities making up a larger digital presence.

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