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Bavatumblr Archived and Retired

I had a 3 year run on Tumblr. It lasted between July 2012 and August 2015. I loved Tumblr for the GIFs, the film screenshots, and the digital art more generally. I could and did spend hours just scrolling through … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Wire

Last week Zach Whalen reminded me of a tumblr site Ryan Brazell turned me onto last year: “Scenes from the Wire”. The tumblr is run by a bot—an art form Zach turned me onto yesterday—that automatically creates GIFs with subtitles numerous … Continue reading

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1242 Posts on Tumblr in 15 months

That works out to about 83 posts a month. And that is what I’ve averaged on my jimgroom.tumblr.com site since July 2012. Oddly enough, I’ve had that Tumblr since April 2007, but didn’t start to use it in earnest until more … Continue reading

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Gulou or, Public Scholarship in the Digital Age

This post is long overdue, and if I hadn’t checked out for a couple of months in April and May it would have been blogged on the bava a lot earlier. In fact, it’s criminal it hasn’t been broadcast more … Continue reading

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I’ve been pretty deep into my tumblr for the last six to eight months, and I’m having a blast with it. I  love the experience of browsing and sharing stuff on Tumblr, and I’m finding it’s a space to find … Continue reading

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Importing and Archiving Tumblr Images on WordPress

I’ve been in web host archiving hell as of late. There is close to nine years of internet kipple on my hosting account and it is starting to fill me with a terrible sense of dread.  I’ve been deleting old … Continue reading

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Tumblr2WordPress: Syndicating Your Tumblr to WordPress

I was experimenting with backing-up Tumblr to a WordPress blog and I found the following script that puts all your Tumblr posts into an RSS file than you can then import. Tumblr2WordPress: Export Your Tumblr to WordPress: This tool will … Continue reading

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Tumbling through The Shining

There is this…. From which this was born… And then there is this… Which I already turned into a ds106 design assignment here. Have I mentioned how much I love my Tumblr these days? And in no small part because I … Continue reading

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The Uses and Limits of Tumblr

I’ve had a tumblr blog since 2007—well before it was cool :)—but never really used it. As I got more into ds106 and creating stuff on the web the design culture coming out of tumblr kept coming on my radar … Continue reading

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Tag Feeds for a variety of Blogging Platforms

I have been syndicating in new blogs for ds106 over the last two weeks, and it’s cool to see such a wide variety of platforms syndicating cleanly into the ds106 site. As of now I count seven six different platforms: … Continue reading

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