Hip Hop WordPress, you the love of my life (of my life)

Image of Roots album Things fall ApartI’ve been grooving on writing documentation for UMW Blogs over the last couple of days. In fact, I’ve donned the Sony headphones and been grooving continuously on The Roots’s album “Things Fall Apart” which does a beautiful job of quoting old school rap while setting the standard for alternative Hip Hop, truly a masterpiece. The beats are as transcendent and hypnotic as they get in Hip Hop and the their politics are in your face -you can get a sense of it by just looking at the album cover with riot police chasing two black teenagers on the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant in the 1960s.

This music has been fueling the zone for me while I crank out documentation for WordPress Multi-User. And while to some this might seem like banal instructions (which in part they are), as Martha pointed out today, this has become a way to start narrating the way in which we see this tool working for others. A space for imagining what thy might do with it and capturing the details as best I can. it’s a far cry from done, but it has me as excited about writing as I have been in a while -truly strange. For me the documentation might be another way at framing a whole new way of approaching teaching and learning -and may very provide a partial basis for some of the resources D’Arcy and I use for our presentation at COSL in September. More on that when D’Arcy and I finally get our act together 🙂

Here are two songs in particular by The Roots that I have been playing over and over again all day long…

Yo what? and it sounds so nice
Hip Hop WordPress, you the love of my life
We bout to take it to the to the to the
To the to the to the to the
To the to the to the to the
To the to the to the to the check it out

Act Too (Love of My Life)

Double Trouble

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12 Responses to Hip Hop WordPress, you the love of my life (of my life)

  1. Mikhail says:

    WPMU swings from chandeliers and wall climbs, specializes in warfares of all kinds.

  2. jimgroom says:

    Forgot Dead Prez, Mikhail:

    Would you rather have…
    A Lexus or justice?
    A dream or some substance?
    A Beamer, a necklace, or freedom?

    It’s bigger than the hip hop hip hop hip hop hip

  3. Mikhail says:

    Jimmy, you are revolutionary but gangsta.

  4. Zach says:

    Awesome album. Been listening to it since it came out. Try their most recent one (that I’m aware of) — Game Theory. It’s also good, in my opinion.


  5. jimgroom says:

    Ahhh Zach,

    Good to have you back in th bavafold. What was the name of the “Bruce from Minnesota” again who sings about love in the drunk tent at concert?

    I have still yet to get that one.

  6. Urban Kid says:

    As much as I love The Roots and all, there latest album (to me) was a big let down. I hope they can recover.


    Hip-Hop and R&B for rhythm addicts!


  8. Chicano Rap says:

    The Roots is great hip hop!

  9. Miami Kevin says:

    When hip hop first began critics said it would be a temporary underground fad that will go away; similiar to hairstyles, but 30 years later it is on TV, Dominates the radio airwaves, and is shared by all races on each continent.

  10. Miami Kevin says:

    You can say all that bout hip hop, but it is actually being used as a tool to destroy black first then hispanics second, either the message is bling bling or how to get a girls and you what happens when you get a girl Aids Hiv and all that. Lil wayne and drake are the biggest sellers of that propaganda. Way to go take over our kids spirit & brians.

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