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Spamhaus Issue Finally Resolved

After far too long I finally figured out what was rendering the bava to be unreadable on any IP address recorded on the Spamhaus project. Seems like this anti-spam blog plugin for WPMu was the root cause of the issue. … Continue reading

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Twourse Design

Today I got to thinking about something while talking about building a community site: where is my community right now? Well, Twitter, and at this very moment I can see all kinds of cool things happening. I’m currently following two … Continue reading

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Viper’s Video Quicktags Plugin works with WPMu

I stopped using Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin a while back when I started playing in earnest with WPMu. Reason being is that this plugin didn’t really work well with WPMu last year at this time, and Anarchy Media Player was, … Continue reading

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Educational Blog Aggregation that Scales

I just commented over at William & Mary Blogs (wmblogs.net), and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that William & Mary is not only playing around with WordPress Multi-User and kicking around the questions surrounding aggregation, … Continue reading

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Simple Forums Plugin for WPMu

Once again, I must thank Dr. Mike for pointing me to the Simple Forums plugin at Yellow Swordfish. This is an amazing plugin that basically allows you to include a pretty powerful forum right into a blog on WPMu. You … Continue reading

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WPMu: Sitewide Tags, Search, and Archive

Sitewide tags is a feature of UMW Blogs I spent a bit of time working on this past Summer. In fact, one particular workaround allows you to have a sitewide tag cloud as well as sitewide searching of blog posts … Continue reading

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The D’Arcy Norman Effect

From Alex Ragone’s post Not Drupal, WordPress MU (emphasis mine): So a few weeks ago I blogged about the Drupal installation I was going to create. I had a plan and began to implement it. I had installed Drupal in … Continue reading

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WPMu’s Change of Address Form

Just found this simple and quite useful plugin called Change Blog URL by Kt that allows you to change the URL of your WPMu blog with one click. I tested it out on UMW Blogs and it works flawlessly with … Continue reading

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Faculty websites made easy

Thanks to Cathy Derecki’s design/PHP skills we are currently experimenting with the possibility of using WPMu to allow faculty to create their own website/blog space with relative ease. Currently faculty and staff have a public folder as a part of … Continue reading

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WPMu Tutorials (Week 2)

This one’s a little late, and fortunately I didn’t have to do much work to bring the following resource to you. Keeping in line with a philosophy that Scott, D’Arcy, and Brian were promoting at Open Ed 2007, why create … Continue reading

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