Internet Archive howto for digitizing LPs

Creative Commons License photo credit: amy_b

I thought this was pretty cool, the Internet Archive blog has a recent post on the process they follow to digitize vinyl. And they share this information all in the name of preserving and distributing ephemeral culture. Nothing like an organization that preserves some of the coolest stuff on the net throwing people a quick guide for digitizing their own records. Talk about sharing the love. I don’t know, maybe its just me, but the Internet Archive is really something special.

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4 Responses to Internet Archive howto for digitizing LPs

  1. Interesting! I still use my 1200’s and mixer outs when I need to rip vinyl…only because I still actually beat mix vinyl.

    I wonder how a usb turntable would compare in terms of fidelity?

    I also dig the archive [which for some reason is timing out for me at the moment] along with Freesound for CC audio.

  2. Brian says:

    It’s a good, simple tutorial. I use the iMic, but never thought to pipe it straight into Audacity.

    Good on the Archive to promote grassroots cultural preservation. Now, time to hit the thrift shops…

  3. Jim says:

    Freesound is new to me, I have to check that out, thanks for that. And as is apparent by your comment, you know far more than I ever will about this stuff. hence the usefulness of the tutorial for ignoramuses like me.


    I’m glad you chimed in here, because you know full well I am out of my element. As usual, I was blogging this with you in mind, right down to the album image 🙂

  4. @Jim: The audicity wiki tutorial is very useful as well.

    I used to be a thrift store vinyl junkie…..I still have a ton of ancient vinyl in addition to my old-school industrial and techno collection. From Jimmy Swaggart to The Harmonicats, I used to spin them all!

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