Is that a PS4 or a plane taking off in your living room?

We’ve had the PS4 for almost 5 years now, and its become somewhat of a catch-all entertainment center. Red Dead Redemption was my gateway drug, and the rest is history. One issue we’ve had, however, is the fan has gotten louder and louder until it’s almost as if a jet plane is taking off in our living room whenever we turn it on. We got accustomed to it—even as it has become ridiculously loud—until Grant Potter was in town and suggested we try blowing out the fan with compressed air. This was a couple of weeks ago, and earlier this week I finally gave it a whirl, and it worked like a charm.

I got a can of compressed air and followed the directions of the following two videos, and within 20 minutes we had what sounds like a brand new PS4—so quiet it’s deafening!

The first video below is a guide for removing the necessary pieces to get access to the fan in order to blow it out.

However, I quickly hit a roadblock because rather than the 3 screws indicated on the back of the PS4 in the video above, mine has only two. Turns out it is a different model, and the video below gives you instructions on how to tear down this type of machine.

I willingly voided the warranty after nearly 5 yeas because the sound was getting so bad we were considering buying a whole new machine, luckily Grant is awesome, and he showed me the light! Now when playing GTA, Red Dead Redemption II, or even Fallen Order (a recent acquisition) we can actually hear the game rather than the console 🙂

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