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Galaxian gets T-Molding, Wheels and a Good Clean-up

I have a couple of video games that are undergoing full cabinet restoration work, namely Moon Patrol and Venture, and they should be finished up before Christmas. But being the paragon of efficiency that I am,  I squeezed in a … Continue reading

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Save the Condor

Sometimes the blog post titles just write themselves…but on with the show. Over the past month or so I’ve been fixing up several cabinets in the bavacade that have cosmetic issues. I’ve been pushing hard on this because I want … Continue reading

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Exidy 440 Dev Kit on Cheyenne

On Saturday I spent much of the afternoon installing the Exidy 440 Dev Kit that adds another 9 games to an existing game board, so basically all the Exidy shooting gallery games can be played on my Cheyenne cabinet, such … Continue reading

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An American Arcade in Italy: Arcade Story

What is it Madonna famously said in the 1980s? Something like “Italians Do it Better”? Well, after visiting Antonio Nati’s Arcade Story just outside of Vicenza, Italy I might have an idea of what she was talking about. Antonio is … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade: Some Notes on the First Few Weeks

The Reclaim Arcade reviews are coming in! Yeah! Last weekend made it three weeks that Reclaim Arcade has been open to the public, and it has been pretty rewarding to have folks appreciating the space and all the thought and … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade adds its 59th Cabinet: Super Cobra!

59 cabinets seems to be on the verge of a milestone. In just over two years Tim and I have collected one short of 60* old school arcade cabinets that represent the foundation of Reclaim Arcade. You can see all … Continue reading

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FIAB: Fix it Again, Bava

A couple of months ago I wrote a throw away post about fixing the loud fan issue with our PS4. It worked, the living room was once again inhabitable during game play, and I was feeling inordinately accomplished. Turns out … Continue reading

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Is that a PS4 or a plane taking off in your living room?

We’ve had the PS4 for almost 5 years now, and its become somewhat of a catch-all entertainment center. Red Dead Redemption was my gateway drug, and the rest is history. One issue we’ve had, however, is the fan has gotten … Continue reading

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Does 15 cabinets make an arcade?

I’ve been slow with the updates on the Reclaim Arcade collection, but that’s just because Tim’s acquisitions are outpacing my ability to blog them all. We are officially at 15 cabinets (counting Tim’s overhaul of Smash TV) which begs the … Continue reading

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VR or, how Tommaso became Beat Saber Boy

View this post on Instagram Tommaso has gone from designing levels in Geometry Dash to building out maps in Beat Saber, it’s been fun introducing him to apps we used in ds106 like Audacity. #4life A post shared by Jim … Continue reading

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