Jim Groom

This may be closest the bava gets to pornography…

Camera and conceptual credit go to the great Shannon Hauser (my own private hacker).

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9 Responses to Jim Groom

  1. Shannon H says:

    Now this is art! Jim….Groom.

  2. Thanks! That’ll be a perfect ringtone. Jimma Grooma.

  3. Tom says:

    Please revise the first line to read “I solemnly swear this WILL be the closest the Bava ever gets to pornography. . . “

  4. I’m sure he’s been MUCH closer to pornography. Stacks of it. Shelves of it. Just not in front of the camera. *shudder*

  5. Reverend says:

    A mouth even a mother would kiss 😉

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  7. RE: “A mouth even a mother would kiss ;)”

    Whose mother are we talking about?

  8. Cole says:

    As always, a game changer.

  9. Reverend says:


    I thought you knew?

    It really is though, right? Right?!

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