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Gladly Eating Some Drupal Crow

Bill Fitzgerald has posted about a most impressive aggregator he put together with Drupal in about six hours. He documents the modules he used, and his creation slices and dices the content from various feeds in some really impressive ways. … Continue reading

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Yo, Drupal, what’s up with you!

I’m sorry, but the Cog Dog put me up to it! Express Yourself with Gizmoz Video Clips

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WordPress: power and simplicity

Subtitle: Are we ready to take WordPress as a CMS seriously yet? This is a post that was inspired by both a question on OLDaily as well as a post about Drupal documentation on Half an Hour. I originally threw … Continue reading

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Joomla or Drupal or WordPress?

Following the Joomla or Drupal conversation at OLDaily, I decided to throw in my own 2 cents by way of a comment -half serious and half in jest. Within a fraction of a second I got my response. Well, thanks … Continue reading

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Writing New York: Posts from the Boroughs and Beyond

This morning a friend and former colleague of mine, Luke Waltzer, turned me on to a wonderful class project that he has been working on with two professors at Baruch College. Professors Bridgett Davis and Roz Bernstein’s students have been … Continue reading

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Planet Northern Voice

I was pretty blown away when I saw the aggregated feeds for the folks who will be attending Northern Voice. Truly amazing stuff, it is humbling to see how many people are regularly posting such cool stuff. Take a look … Continue reading

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Alex King’s Articles Plugin for WordPress

If you haven’t already, go check out Alex King’s post about the plugins he is employing for the redevelopment of his WordPress site. He has produced some unbelievably cool functionality for WordPress, and the community owes him much. I took … Continue reading

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wp2drupal: might I be jumping ship?

I am not sure if I am going to make the jump from WordPress to Drupal with bavatuesdays just yet, but I have been following Darcy Norman’s progress with Drupal quite closely over the past six months, and I am … Continue reading

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