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Mega Shark meets the USS Indianapolis

Tommaso and I are going live in 5 with his first video game dev log for his nascent shark video game developed in Unity https://t.co/GzpExUBnn6 #ds106tv pic.twitter.com/q8w5cLMAjG — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) July 10, 2020 Just like Captain Caveman and Jabberjaw, … Continue reading

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Survival: the Manual

This mornign i ebcame the proud new owner of a 1986 Army field manual dedicated to survival in numerous situations across a variety of terrains. It’s referred to by some as FM 21-76, and it’s considered by many to be the bible of survival guides. You can … Continue reading

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Devouring Videos

Last week was a blur, on top of  catching up on my work from the Digital Media Learning conference the week before, I came back to interviews for a fine arts professor hire, trying to write an article (which I suck at), … Continue reading

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Classes I want to teach

One of the best things about my job at UMW is that I’ve been able to teach a wide range of courses across a few disciplines. So far I’ve taught nine different courses, and one of them six (soon to … Continue reading

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Killer Shark Class

I am not sure if Sam O’Brien is trying to be funny or ironic (I forgot the difference) with his piece “A Professor’s opening lecture for ‘Intermediate Killer Shark Genre’” in McSweeney’s because in mind that is exactly how courses should … Continue reading

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Jaws Mashup

Derek Whitaker, an internaut in Martha Burtis’s first Summer session ds106, did a memorable sound mashup using the film Jaws in this post here. And given it’s Shark Week—one of the most infuriating, sensationalized, and riveting weeks of U.S. television—-I … Continue reading

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Porbeagle shark caught on video

Diver has a close-encounter with a Porbeagle shark off the coast of Maine—as well as the video to prove it. Thank you Barbara Sawhill for helping my phobia extend further up the East Coast of the US into those cold … Continue reading

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Zombification of Higher Ed CFP

Thanks to professor Larry Hanley I just discovered this CFP that contains the term “zombification of highered” (I have included the entire CFP below) How awesome is that? What’s more, they are now teaching Zombies 101 at the University of … Continue reading

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Summer of Love: Sharks

Image credit: 126‘s “Great White Shark” While it’s September, any calendar following fool knows that Summer ain’t over for another couple of weeks, and what better way to reflect on one of the best Summer’s for me in a long … Continue reading

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