Lest they forget you, Dr. O’Blivion

Andy Rush, who rules, proved here why nobody makes art like the @rushaw. NOBODY!!! This is magic.

What’s more, it ups the ante. An animated GIF-like film, which reminds me a lot of this awesome site called 2manydjs that David Kernohan tweeted out today. Animated record albums, that is something to strive for right there. I love where I am right now in the web, so much more interesting than “education.”

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3 Responses to Lest they forget you, Dr. O’Blivion

  1. Woah, what is goin’ on here? What is wrong with this darn family? Can’t a ranching man spend a few days running the herds to the high pasture and not have all these sheenanigans?

    These city O’blivions with their high falutin internet, cable TV, and text messaging dont even know how to talk any more– they dont even have the courtesy to let Third Cousin Barney Joe what in tarnation is happening.

    Y’all tell Binny (that’s what we called her before she got uptown and calling herself “Bianca”) that Cousin Barney Joe is rustling up the coon hounds and to look for the green Chevy down at the compound in a few days. The hounds will find cousin Brian and sort out this mess.

  2. Barney Joe, stay out of this. You cannot get involved, there is simply too much at stake.

    I will bring more oil-drenched poultry and crushed potatoes to your backwoods accommodations and we can discuss this further.

  3. Jim says:

    Once Binny has seen the big city, how do you expect to get her back on the farm? Though I hate to get in between a family matter here, I’ll let you and John figure it out, but I’m more than happy to have you on the ds106 live broadcast because we have been looking for Dr. O’Blivion backstory, which as of now is very opaque.

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