ds106 Live Broadcast 6-30-11: Design, Online Collaboration, and an Intro to Digital Audio

Please note: if you ever want to watch the live broadcasts and you have not received the YouTube link, the broadcasts are always available immediately after the session on Justin.tv here: http://www.justin.tv/ds106tv/ (I will make sure the video titles are correct going forward on Justin.tv —my bad).

Update: Here are the links presented during this discussion. Also, here is the transcript from the live chat discussion for this session.

IMPORTANT: The next live broadcast we will be having will be next Tuesday, and I’ll be switching up the times next week a bit. Rather than having the live broadcast at 11:30 AM (EDT) they will be happening next week at 1:30 PM (EDT) to give folks who are in class during the morning a chance to enjoy the Livechat and live stream. Be sure to be there and participate via live chat and/or Skype (call-ins are encouraged—contact jimgroom on Skype).
Due to prior commitments I will not be able to change the time to 1:30 PM (EDT) for the live broadcasts until Monday, July 11th. So, this coming Tuesday, July 5th, the live session will be at 11:30 Am (EDT) per usual.

Broadcast Breakdown
The Live Broadcast from yesterday was a particularly good one, in my humble opinion. We had Bianca preparing for the class she never taught, while Martha and myself went through some design assignments and discussed the amazing work you all ds106ers have been doing thus far (see links here).

We were fortunate enough to have Todd Conaway talk to us about the means by which his 13 year old daughter is using various technologies collaborating with people all around the work to make art. Her story is a powerful one and very important as we move into the online, collaborative part of ds106 which will make up a big part of the audio portion of this course.

The last part of the video was dedicated to introducing you to the audio portion of ds106 (which will require online collaboration, more on that next week). New Media Specialist guru Andy Rush has developed a brilliant overview on Digital Audio here. Be sure to look this over carefully, it is a gem of a resource with a general overview and a ton of good resources. Be sure to check it out. What’s more, unless you have another audio program you are comfortable using (such as Garage Band or Audition) you will all be expected to download Audacity and start playing with it this weekend. There are a couple of tutorials to get you going in the Digital Audio resource Andy created (linked to above)—but there are many, many more out there, try the Google. One more thing, I would like each of you to get an account on SoundCloud and update your audio assignments there, then embed them in your blog.

Assignment for this weekend
You need to complete three audio assignments by Tuesday, July 5th as a way to demonstrate that you have been playing with audio over the weekend. No need for perfect, just for play. Two of those three assignments I am going to recommend you do are The Sound Effects Story (get free sound effects here –be sure to give sound effect authors credit for their work) and Dickie Goodman’s Break-Ins (see the accompanying YouTube video in that assignment for an example). The third one is up to you, and as always if you have a better idea for an assignment submit it, then do it.

I am still working on getting the chat from yesterday’s session up and online, I’ll let you all know when it is up.  Also, I have a list of URLs for the design assignments, Todd’s discussion, as well as the intro to audio, you can find them all here. And to re-iterate here is Andy Rush‘s awesome resource on Digital Audio that you should use as an overview as well as a gateway to more resources and tutorials.

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