LMSs get the gas face

Mike Bogle has been basically crawling out of his skin while faced with the prospects an LMS offers the future of thinking creatively about teaching and learning technologies—and rightfully so. It’s a mess, so in solidarity—and thanks to Luke Waltzer who was Rick Rolling me with 3rd Bass videos yesterday—I offer a song from quite possibly the weakest rappers ever, ie. 3rd Bass (thank god Eminem eventually came along to save all white people from this travesty 🙂 ), as a way to give the LMS, and in particular BlackBoard, the Gas Face!

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9 Responses to LMSs get the gas face

  1. Good lord.

    on so many levels.

  2. Oh no you di’n’t. 3rd Bass were major trailblazers! (I have absolute zero street cred, so I’m not saying this from the POV of a head.) Besides, how can you diss a video that has Flav *and* Gilbert Gottfried?!

  3. Luke says:

    Third Bass is a net positive in my hip hip history book, if only for the timelessness of this diss track and the fact that MC Serch was a chubby Jew who thought he could dance, wore a high-top fade, and didn’t care what you said about him. I’d put them at least a couple of rungs above Vanilla Ice and Hammer, who faked the funk in the late 80s/early 90s like so many LMSs do, and who were the actual targets of the Gas Face.

    Still, they’re nowhere near the league of the Beasties (with whom they feuded) and De La Soul… the first three albums of both of those groups are truly legendary, and revolutionized hip-hop sonics with a small pieces/loosely joined approach. Their respective mixes of sampling, live instruments, dj-ing, and story telling still sound fresh and rock after all these years. Just more to suggest that the edupunks, or whatever the hell we call ourselves now, are on the right side of history.

  4. Reverend says:

    @Trip & Luke,

    I’m I getting this right? 3rd Bass still has fans?! That’s shocking, even more shocking than Mike Bogle’s dismay with Bb 🙂

  5. As the kids say, hellz yeah. +1 to lwaltzer on the comparison with Vanilla (who got slammed by 3rd Bass in “Pop Goes the Weasel” [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzXI_ApY4dY]) and Hammer (despite his getting props from Ice T of all people). 3rd Bass, despite not having the best MCs or DJ, had their roots and hearts in the right place. Perversely, it’s also worth noting that 3rd Bass also had the distinction of putting together what I think was the first mutli-Ivy League track, “Kick ‘Em in the Grill”, featuring Chubb Rock (Brown dropout) and of course Pete Nice (Columbia).

  6. Luke says:

    “Stepping to the A.M.” was produced by none other than the Bomb Squad, who produced PE’s stuff. And Prince Paul produced Gas Face.

    You can hate on the rhymes, but you gotta admit the production is nice.

    As for Trip’s mention of Ice T… did you guys follow the Ice T-Soulja Boy beef video exchange last year? I think they’re both jokers, but it was interesting to see Ice T speaking into a camera on a tripod, while Soulja Boy was speaking into a laptop’s embedded camera, while watching Ice T’s diss and reading off of T’s Wikipedia page as he dissed him. The technological embodiment of generational difference, hip-hop diss style.

  7. Mike Bogle says:

    Thanks for the vote of solidarity. I’m with Kevin – “Good lord on so many levels” 🙂

    These guys did “Pop goes the weasel” too didn’t they? Their big MTV hit LOL

  8. Jake says:

    There has to be something wrong with you guys. 3rd Bass are amazing on so many levels. How can you hate on the rhymes? Some of the best (most complex linguisticlly) I have ever heard. Some really amazing shit. Never heard anyone diss 3rd Bass before, I guess you guys are out of the loop. Go figure.

  9. Mx says:

    3rd Base was the bizness. I completely disagree. I remember back in High School, they blew up big.

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