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Sharper than a Knife Blade

There has been some amazing work done for noir106 this semester, and just a couple of days ago I listened to this rap created by internaut Tiffany Yowell. She dedicated it to her character Lawrence Spitler. You see, every student in ds106 … Continue reading

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Or, LEGIONS OF BOOM! Why Boom? Well, because of hits like this by Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor: Yesterday Miles and I finally got to watch a couple of NFL playoff games. Miles has become a major Seahawks fan this … Continue reading

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The Music of Beah

Mara Scanlon’s Ethics and Lit freshman seminar has just read Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, a memoir chronicling his story of being a 12 year old soldier/murderer in Sierra Leone. A particularly cold-blooded look … Continue reading

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LMSs get the gas face

Mike Bogle has been basically crawling out of his skin while faced with the prospects an LMS offers the future of thinking creatively about teaching and learning technologies—and rightfully so. It’s a mess, so in solidarity—and thanks to Luke Waltzer … Continue reading

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bavacon or: How Blog Branding Ate My Soul

Image credit: “Pittsburgh Comicon” by RL Johnson. Let me be frank here, I love the bava, I do, I love the little fucker. And I pretty much say whatever I want on it, and really could care less about the … Continue reading

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Computer Love

Feeling very affectionate towards my computer this morning, I decided to find a machine readable song that it could groove on, and where else would I turn but Kraftwerk, in particular the album Computer World. So this one is for … Continue reading

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Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five: The Message

While working my way through The Wire, I found myself thinking about the iconic rap song “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. A song which traces much of the same social themes of urban decay as this … Continue reading

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Jam On It

Well, I feel another bout of nostalgia coming on thanks to Brad’s comments here, and after doing some research on my past, I found this gem by Newcleus from deep in the depths of the early 80s. A band known … Continue reading

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Returning to the Roots

Love the way that The Roots quote the birth of rap beats from the mid-80s in the song “Without a Doubt.” The insistent bass and unmistakable cow bell brings you right back to Run DMC, Shell-top Adidas, and graffiti-embellished subway … Continue reading

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