Looks like Minor Threat has a new front man…

Hat tip to Mikhail Gershovich for the link.

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2 Responses to Looks like Minor Threat has a new front man…

  1. Brad says:

    Jim this video is amazing! I am a little confused about why it was made/where it came from? Seems so strange — cannot even imagine a situation that would arise that would allow or require this to be made. So odd!

  2. Reverend says:


    I have to agree with you there, it’s sheer bizarreness makes it special. Kingsley is a stud though, and his character in Sexy Beast seems to be somewhat of a reference here, though it certainly does not make the connection between him and Minor Threat in any way shape or form. That said, his performance in Sexy Beast was phenomenal. What’s fun about it, is I can somehow imagine Kingsley going along with this kind of thing, and the editing and transposition is so good at times, I really think he must be in a room with a 100 punks rocking out to something.

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