Marching through a Photo-A-Day

We’re into March now and I just did a catch-up for the 2018/365 group on Flickr. I’m pretty happy with the first two months of photos, but even more so with the impetus to keep on top of my Flickr archive so that things get made public, titled, and even shared. It’s been worth it for that alone. As for the photos, 80s media, Americana, and Trentino/Alto-Adige remain my muses. I got a few shots I am pretty happy with, and all-in-all this was just what the doctor ordered to provide a very loose structure to my growing photo addiction 🙂

2018/365/032: My Alien Mouth

2018/365/035: Atari 2600 at CoWork

2018/365/038: “You Wouldn’t Download a Car...”

2018/365/041: Baby Jim’s Snack Bar

2018/365/045: Bishop of Battle

2018/365/046: Color Column

2018/365/049: Dead Zone

Mountain Boy

2018/365/055: Scenic Rest Stop

2018/365/060: A Snowy Symmetry

Evening Snow

2018/365/061: 3 Amigos

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