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Marching through a Photo-A-Day

We’re into March now and I just did a catch-up for the 2018/365 group on Flickr. I’m pretty happy with the first two months of photos, but even more so with the impetus to keep on top of my Flickr … Continue reading

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Perfect from Now On

[For posterity, the above YouTube link-once it inevitably breaks-was to Built to Spill’s song “Randy Describes Eternity” off their album Perfect from Now On.] I already missed my first photo for the 2018/365 photo-a-day madness. I woke up this morning and … Continue reading

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The Daily Shoot and manic ravings about ds106

Make some art: DS106 TV Bumper from noise professor on Vimeo. And some more art… Image credit Samiamumw’s “DSC00924” This week is the start of the first hands-on creative section of the course [hahahahah!], but I think we all know … Continue reading

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Gursky World (2002)

That just in from UBUWEB: In the first programme of a major new arts strand, Ben Lewis’s amusing odyssey delves into the world of the planet’s most influential photographer, Andreas Gursky. Trying to find out what makes Gursky tick, Lewis’s … Continue reading

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In Cold Blood

I picked up Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood for the first time this weekend. I am only a hundred pages in thus far, but I can only begin to suggest how artfully he frames the narrative in the first fifty … Continue reading

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Errol Morris blogging for the NYT

I just came across “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire”, the first of a number of blog posts by Errol Morris for the New York Times. Apparently he will be blogging a series of articles, and his initial post deals with … Continue reading

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