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Reclaim Arcade: If Only You Could See What I’ve Seen with Your Eyes

Eyes are the neon shutters to the soul of Reclaim Arcade… Last weekend Tim Stahmer and Kathy Manley stopped by Reclaim Arcade with cameras in hand. Tim has been a big fan of the arcade, and I am thrilled he … Continue reading

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Marching through a Photo-A-Day

We’re into March now and I just did a catch-up for the 2018/365 group on Flickr. I’m pretty happy with the first two months of photos, but even more so with the impetus to keep on top of my Flickr … Continue reading

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Perfect from Now On

[For posterity, the above YouTube link-once it inevitably breaks-was to Built to Spill’s song “Randy Describes Eternity” off their album Perfect from Now On.] I already missed my first photo for the 2018/365 photo-a-day madness. I woke up this morning and … Continue reading

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The Daily Shoot and manic ravings about ds106

Make some art: DS106 TV Bumper from noise professor on Vimeo. And some more art… Image credit Samiamumw’s “DSC00924” This week is the start of the first hands-on creative section of the course [hahahahah!], but I think we all know … Continue reading

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Gursky World (2002)

That just in from UBUWEB: In the first programme of a major new arts strand, Ben Lewis’s amusing odyssey delves into the world of the planet’s most influential photographer, Andreas Gursky. Trying to find out what makes Gursky tick, Lewis’s … Continue reading

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In Cold Blood

I picked up Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood for the first time this weekend. I am only a hundred pages in thus far, but I can only begin to suggest how artfully he frames the narrative in the first fifty … Continue reading

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Errol Morris blogging for the NYT

I just came across “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire”, the first of a number of blog posts by Errol Morris for the New York Times. Apparently he will be blogging a series of articles, and his initial post deals with … Continue reading

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