Master of My Domain

Master of My Domain T-Shirt

Image credit: Andy Rush caught me in my Walt Whitman B’Hoy stance

We are going full throttle at UMW with Domain of One’s Own, so it’s time to bust out the t-shirt! Mary Kayler got me this gem for Christmas, and I am wearing it with pride today! We have nearly 600 domains registered, Martha and Tim have built the community site for UMW Domains (read about the details on Timmmmy Wonder’s blog), that Domain of One’s Own Faculty Initiative is ruling, and this whole thing is starting to feel even more exhilarating than UMW Blogs did seven years ago. DTLT is operating in the clouds right now, and I’m really thankful to be part of it. I might be master of my domain, but I hope that doesn’t belie just how much a collective effort realizing this awesomeness has always been. I’m very happy right now. I couldn’t be prouder of the work DTLT is doing and I love UMW more every day—this place truly does rock!

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  1. Matt says:

    Like I always say:

    Have you looked at all at WebRTC? I’m just now getting into looking at it, but they claim to be an open source project that lets you add chat rooms, video chat, file sharing, and calling on any site, all while bypassing Skype and Google and others. Is that all just hype? The possibilities seem interesting if it can really work.

  2. Reverend says:


    Nice, that meme really does speak to my sense of the future 🙂 I haven;t checked out WebRTC, but I will this weekend—thanks for the ehads up. If it runs on a LAMP environment, then we certainly can test it and see if that isn;t somethign anyone can install. How cool is that, it’s kinda like open source applications ebcome plugins for each individual domain within the teaching and learnign community at UMW. So cool.

    Also, TexMex for sure in Dallas in April, no more ICE STORMS!

  3. Tim Owens says:

    WebRTC is what powers and it’s an awesome technology! It’s not exactly a project in its own right rather than a technology layer you can build into any project. A replacement for lame flash requirements to do synchronous video/screensharing/etc. is the best implementation of it I’ve seen yet.

    • Matt says:

      That is nice. I grabbed some code from TogetherJS and put it together in like five seconds (didn’t mess with parameters). Nice quick chat that I can have on my own site. Looks like the main code is still stored on their site, but the possibility probably exists to copy is all to yours I guess? Need to dig around more. Here was my test:

      • Tim Owens says:

        Ah yeah, I saw that just the other day. It’s a Mozilla project and awesome for collaborating on a website (Jim, this was mentioned at the Coderdojo meeting). I think you’re right that it’s possible to host it on your own server (although Mozilla is probably pretty solid at least in the short term). So much cool stuff happening lately.

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