Mixing metaphors

[youtube width="425" height="355"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jNyr6BJZuI[/youtube]

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  1. Thank goodness I found you people. A breath of fresh air, I mean a dead prez video. I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship.

  2. Reverend says:

    The feeling is extremely mutual! And together the ants will conquer the elephant!

  3. Mikhail says:

    That’s you, Rev. RBG — Revolutionary But Gangsta

    My favorite Dead Prez song (and it will be yours too) is “Pimp the System”: http://youtube.com/watch?v=p8ZwVGY4Snc

    This is a remix, but you get the idea.

  4. Brad says:

    The Coup – “The Shipment”
    there isn’t a video on YouTube, but these are Dead Prez’s smarter, fresher first cousins (not by blood, but in that they are both hyper-political & “radical” – though I think The Coup are much more radical in both their actions & viewpoints). Anyway, this song is necessary revolution-ammo.

    “See you can’t trust a big grip and a smile
    And I slang rocks – but Palestinian style”

    the 20th century may have never seen a better doublet in hip hop than that

  5. Lindsea says:

    Word. I think we should be friends.

    Now let’s bring a little M.I.A. into this.

  6. Reverend says:

    I actually was listening to “Pimp the System” today, and I owe my love for Dead Prez, and just about every other recent hip hip artists and kung-fu, movie to you 🙂

    Wow, yet another gem from the last man standing on ELS Web. Gardner talked about your blog today while he was presenting, were you ears ringing? I am beginning to think we should pay you royalties for every time we mention you in a conference presentation.

    50 comments on your post…50? You are so EDUPUNK 🙂 Which M.I.A?
    This one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.I.A._%28band%29
    This one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.I.A._(artist)
    Or this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messianic_Israel_Alliance

  7. Brad says:

    All three, Jim! You can never know too much in today’s ever-expanding world!
    I’m absolutely certain (even though I have only read probably a 10th of all the Edupunk stuff out there) that everyone knows Wikipedia is the most Edupunk thing alive. Yes, it is alive. There is a one-word definition for Edupunk: (noun/adj.) Wikipedia.
    At UMW, people save their files onto the library’s computers when they need to print things there, & I like to read those files cos no one ever erases them. It’s kind of like FOUND magazine (which is incredibly Edupunk. INCREDIBLY Edupunk now that I really think about it), but on computers…& at the library…& it’s not published.
    Anyway, I stumbled across a 35-page thesis on the pros/cons & eventual credibility of Wikipedia. I skimmed it, & it was awesome, & now I really wish I had read the whole thing.
    Wow, I don’t know why that was relevant at all. Still! My ears actually caught fire today, I was wondering what had caused such conflagration. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Lindsea says:

    I am not edupunk (no capz because I don’t believe in capitalism a la bell hooks), I am Lindsea 😉 Just kidding. I have nothing against capitalism.

    I meant M.I.A. the female politically charged hip hop artist. Check out the album Kala.

    And you should weigh in on the discussion! I’d love to hear what you think about it.

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