Mojiti is No Mo’

You can file this one under “Just Another Web 2.0 Service Cautionary Tale.”

I was planning on working on my Italian by sub-titling a short commercial for this post I plan on writing using Mojiti (an online service that allows you to annotate videos on YouTube and other services), when I discovered to my great dismay the following message:

Mojiti No Mo’

You’ve heard this story a million times before, but it’s actually the first time I had stuff on a service that I will miss a little bit. Fear 2.0 anyone?

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4 Responses to Mojiti is No Mo’

  1. I think it’s time to start a Web 2.0 Dead List – an index of these now-defunct services, to act both as cautionary tale and map of less-than-successful projects. Are there common themes connecting these Dead 2.0 projects? Is it lack of effective management? Crappy business models? Lack of sustainable revenue? Competition? Combination of these? Something else?

  2. jimgroom says:

    That’s an excellent idea, D’Arcy. Last year at our NMC video presentation I thought Mojiti was going to make a huge impact on how we interact with video online. Needless to say, I was dead wrong. But examining why these applications fail would be fascinating to say the least. Does this project call for a wiki?

  3. Hello, Jim,

    I heard that Mojiti is going to relaunch as Lessjiti —

    Ba dum-bump!

    @ D’Arcy — Techcrunch’s Deadpool does writeups on dead-and-dying sites:

    It’s interesting reading for the morbid and technical, or the technically morbid.



  4. astgtciv says: is another possibility for subtitling YouTube etc. videos.

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