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While I was in Barcelona this past October to co-present with Brian Lamb at the Open University of Catalonia’s (UOC) “Pushing the Boundaries of Higher Ed” symposium (presentation video above), they decided to subject themselves to my opinionated responses to a series of questions regarding the state of ed-tech. I tried avoid any topics involving predictions given I am no futurist, but rather a charismatic cult leader and highly successful edupreneur 🙂

But enough about me, I’d like to thank Marcelo Maina of UOC’s EDUL@B for his masterful work at both conducting and editing the numerous responses to the various questions. I was just one of many folks he was tasked with interviewing, and I know from personal experience the chore of recording, editing, and publishing such things is no small feat—and to turn it around so quickly is truly impressive.

As for the videos, they are all a manageable 3-4 minutes responses to a posed question, and I like them because they allowed me to discuss everything from the greatest course ever taught (i.e. ds106), the vision behind a personal API, the good old days of blogs and wikis, the limits of open as in textbooks, and more. Not sure there is much cohesion to it given I am all over the place as usual, but the videos are a perfect for for the “I love me wall” that is the bava!

Quality Education for Ubiquitous Technology

Drivers of Emergent Pedagogies

Digital Competence in Higher Education

Future learning environments and technologies

Future Relevant Certifications

What new modes of education provision should Higher Education pay attention to?

Learning resources and open knowledge


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4 Responses to More opinionated edtech responses then you can shake a blog at

  1. Pat says:

    Those thumbnails need giffing

  2. Maha Bali says:

    I look forward to checking those out…but I’m curious why it says USA not Italy. I know you’re FROM USA, as is Reclaim, but you’ve been living in Italy for, what, 2 years now?

    • Reverend says:

      I think that is referring to the company more than me, which is a US company—although I think the Italians would still think of me as an American import at this point regardless of my prolonged stay 🙂 That said, I would like for it to ultimately read Reclaim International —I always wanted to run a a multi-national corporate bohemeth with my filthy clutches on all 7 continents!!!!

      via GIPHY

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