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Truth be told, I really don’t consider bavatuesdays an Ed Tech blog. In fact, it is first and foremost a b-movie blog that never really got off the ground. Instructional technology has colonized this idea, and if you are brave enough to subscribe to this feed you probably have to deal with a lot of noise before you get to anything that vaguely interests you. Given that, I setup a blog that is a repository of sorts for all my posts about WordPress Multi-User on ELS Blogs and then moved it to UMW Blogs as we went campus global. You can find the current version of this site here, and it may save many of you who could care less about my bad taste in film, literature, and YouTube videos a lot of unnecessary digits in your feed reader.

jimgroom @ umwblogs

This site started as a way for me to experiment with automated RSS publishing plugins for WordPress, such as WP-o-Matic and Wp-Autoblog, but actually developed into a useful space for organizing all my WPMu posts and musings into a separate space. The blog simply feeds all the posts in the wpmu category on bavatuesdays into I finally decided on WP-Autoblog as the aggregator of choice because it is so simple and clean, additionally it can now bring in all of the other associated categories for each post into the new blog without a problem. I realized after chatting with Brian last week that all of this is a very far cry from anything remotely resembling eduglu (cry, cry) -but I guess I am not really that surprised because we are working within a simplified space of homogeneous applications which makes everything seem easy because everything is so predictable and consistent. Definitely not the case when you have four or five different applications, feed providers, and general chaos when it comes to tags, categories and specific feeds for groups of posts. And so it goes…

I am going to sort through this WPMu blog soon, and it is my ultimate intention to create an online manual of sorts sometime soon, in hopes that it will provide a useful resource to anyone interested in experimenting with WPMu at their campus. A step-by-step guide to setup, plugins, themes, hacks, admin management, etc. The process of blogging all this stuff has been so generative for my thinking about this application, that the more I try and write around it, the more I am able to imagine it in new and improved ways.

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3 Responses to My very own WPMu blog

  1. But I like BOTH your bad taste in film and your WordPress-crush. So I suppose I’ll stay subscribed to you here.

    Looking very much forward to your manual. Although what we really need is to get you and Martha and Andy etc. up here for a couple of days to lead a good old-fashioned revival (like all historical revivals, it will primarily introduce radically new ideas).

    I think we have an Amtrak station about 20 mins north of here. One assumes the tracks connect to yours…think about it…

  2. Martha says:

    Hrm. I like this revival idea. We’ve recently been reminded that DTLT can put on a darn good show (with costumes, props and everything!) — perhaps it’s time to take that show on the road. 🙂

    Plus, I want to meet Mike Caulfield.

  3. jimgroom says:


    You think New Hampshire is ready for the DTLT traveling circus? I think they have to be well prepared for what we got for them. In all seriousness though, I’m not sure how half-serious or kidding you both are, but I am definitely game. The Great Awakening was a traveling roadshow, why can’t this be? “Live free, or die” … or is it “Use open source or pay”?

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