Notes Towards an Open Source University

Jerry over at Running with Scissors posted our ELI 2007 talk “Notes Towards an Open (Source) University” here. If nothing else, it may be an interesting case study of the orations of a lunatic versus those of a well-grounded, articulate instructional technology specialist.

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4 Responses to Notes Towards an Open Source University

  1. Steve says:

    Yeah? Which is which?

  2. jimgroom says:

    You mean you can’t tell? On a listen this afternoon, I was struck by how possessed Jerry sounded compared with my even-handed, precise examination of the facts. We really have to watch him -I think he’s losing it!

  3. Jerry says:

    That’s funny, I though we both sounded like even-handed, precise lunatics.

  4. Gardner says:

    I was there, so I know the answer to this question. 🙂

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