Open Media Ecosystem: Owncast

In another installation of the Open Media Ecosystem series run through Reclaim Edtech, Pilot Irwin and I did a stream last week highlighting the virtues of Owncast, a free, open source application for live streaming video. We used the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why approach to providing an overview of Owncast, just like Azuracast, and the verdict was there’s much to love about a small, open tool with a singleness of purpose. Owncast aims to provide a free alternative to Twitch for streaming, and that it does very well. And with momentum around the fediverse growing it may provide a good alternative for live streaming to a distributed community, potentially making monolithic tools like Twitch with restrictive copyright that much less appealing. What’s I love about Owncast is it’s simple interface and straightforward approach to live streaming, but if you watch the short overview session below you’ll hear Pilot and I say as much a lot.

The other cool thing worth noting here is that during this stream Pilot and I mention the possibility of a 1-click installer for Owncast in Reclaim Cloud, and soon after that Taylor Jadin went ahead and created it. So good!

I’ll have a separate post about the Owncast installer on Reclaim Cloud here shortly given I just tested it out, but if you are looking for an elegant and easy tool for live streaming to the web—no recordings, no media production, just streaming—then look no further, Owncast fits the bill quite nicely.

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