Open Media Ecosystem: Azuracast

Open Media Ecosystem blitz hosted by Reclaim Edtech kicked off last week. Amanda Schmidt and I got the series started by highlighting the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and Hows of the free and open source software Azuracast. You can watch this session that not only features how to install Azuracast on Reclaim Cloud, but also the impressive interface for radio broadcasting from the browser using WebDJ. The series is meant as an overview of several open source software projects dealing with media, and Azuracast is near and dear to my heart given it has been powering ds106radio since 2020.

What’s more, we just worked with the Azuracast’s creator and primary developer, Buster Neece, to further develop the webhook for Mastodon so that we could integrate ds106radio more cleanly with yet with another open source media ecosystem! More on the Mastodon in January, February, and March…but no spoilers just yet!

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